Before Kim or I do a pre-emptive wade into this week's new shocking developments (ie Simmons breaking a story), I thought I'd pass on on a couple quick hits.

Allan Ryder has a good piece in the Globe today using statistical analysis to break down Ottawa's incredible start, concluding that they've been a little lucky but are still scary good, and that they have a shot (thanks to Whack-A-Mole and the NHL's Pointz for Everyone initiative) at breaking the alltime points record, set by the Bruins or someone back in the 70s. Cleveland Barons? Of course, if they played the Leafs every night, they'd have it in the bag by Christmas.

Also, I can't find a link, but apparently (according to 590) the Leafs have sent Anton Stralman down to the Marlies to make room for the RETURN OF THE MACKABE. The move makes sense on one level, giving Stralman a chance to get ice-time and continue to develop. However, after the Leafs failed to show up in Kanata, we got this from Maurice:

"We have to put the clamps on our back end and put pressure on our forwards to help out. You don't want to give up five odd-man rushes in a game; we gave up four in the first six minutes."

Maurice hinted he'll bench players if necessary to keep the team from taking itself out of games.

Andy Wozniewski is still on the Leafs. Says it all, doesn't it?

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