Down N' Out Berger

The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles.
-Karl Marx

If anyone was wondering what Howard Berger has been up to (in addition to looking for a lawyer, presumably) since the Avery nonsense was booted from the sports pages by this appears that he has been studying his Little Red Book and engaging in some good old fashioned class-warfare.

Berger used his Friday column over at Eklund's Magical World of Make-Believe to criticize MLSE for leasing a $25,000 box at Texas Stadium so that the underachieving Leafs can watch the upcoming Thanksgiving game between the Cowboys and Jets during their swing through the bible-belt in early November:

It'll get the folks from Bay Street a nice view of the field, some free beer, and undoubtedly a whole slew of those weenie-wraps that people gorge on when the hors d'oeuvres are passed around. If the Leafs are unable to defeat Ottawa and/or Boston in their next two starts, they will fly to Dallas on the heels of a five-game winless streak, and with one victory in seven games. For that, they'll be feted with the luxuries of Texas Stadium.


Of course, the only real controversy here is that all of the "millionaires who wear the blue and white" are welcome to use the box. The Wizard of Woz surely hasn't done anything to warrant such treatment, and his play of late should really result in him watching the Cowboys game from his hotel room (where he should be watching Leafs games from as well, incidentally), or at least a seat in the bleachers...where he could sit next to Howard Berger:

This year, the NFL's Dallas Cowboys will host the New York Jets in a nationally televised game that begins at 3:15 p.m. When I noticed the coincidence in the hockey and football schedules back in July, I went on-line and spent $144 for a ticket to the Cowboys-Jets game. I've driven past storied Texas Stadium on a number of occasions but have never seen an event there. And, the Cowboys are moving to their new digs in Arlington after the current season. So, it was first chance, and last chance, for me. That's why I dented the Visa card to such an extent; the $144 gets me a seat on the 45-yard of the upper deck, above the Cowboys' bench. Pretty good location, I'm told.

Not only does the FAN 590 pay Berger to watch hockey and send him on expense-paid trips around North America, but his salary also allows him to spend nearly $150 on a single ticket to a football game?!?! Well la-di-da. Sure is nice for some. Godd and I will be barely able to afford a few pints to drink away misery after tonight's Leafs game.

I guess that is how the other half lives.

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