Cox Bloc Joins Liberal Media Elite, Officially Part of the Problem

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Well, we've given Working Class Howard a lot of grief round these parts, but today we have to salute the man for strapping us (along with some other blog making fun of the mittenstringers - our lawyers are on high alert and willing to go to any lengths to defend this unique blogging concept we stole from Fire Joe Morgan) to his back and carrying us to the tip, the top, the New York Times, the paper every right-thinking American knows is second to none at selling out the troops, keeping the white man down, and forcing traditional preachers to marry God-hating sodomites in front of the young uns at a family barbecue. We couldn't be prouder.

So in gratitude, I would like to point out that the above-mentioned NYT article is a little hard on Howard, using the fact that his article on third jerseys leads with with a discussion of the Leafs (you know, the beat he is paid to cover pretty much exclusively) to make a bunch of jokes about Leafs/Toronto self-absorption that were pretty hilarious in 1983.  Gee Gray Lady, I'm sorry Howard didn't give equal time to the teal, mauve, and desert ochre jerseys with the Hypercolour reflective stripes to be modeled by one of the 20-odd NHL clubs no hockey fan give a good god damn about. Certainly New Yorkers would never have such a parochial attitude. I guess all the pots and kettles in NY must be buried under new Yankee Stadium along with that Ortiz jersey. 

I did love the rich irony of Howard ripping off the Leafs for NOT gouging their fans by introducing a new 3rd uni design, likely cause he had to scrap the MLSE VMPIREZ RIP OFF SUKKOR LEAFS FAN SHP column he's had in the hopper for months. He is always thinking of ways to make his life easier though, suggesting  the Leafs wear a '67 model jersey, cause apparently something significant happened that year and then didn't happen  for a while and baby Jesus cried and Dairy Queen ran out of Skor bits. Imagine the premade column leads if they did that.You gotta love a guy for trying...

While on Hockeybuzz, I managed to catch something else Howard wrote recently about this being a godawful season ahead with nothing to look forward to, and it put me in mind of the ballgame I watched Saturday night. Giants-Dbacks is no one's idea of a marquee matchup, but with Arizona pitting ace Brandon Webb against Giants phenom 12-year-old Tim Lincecum, it was worth a look. And am I glad I watched - both had their good stuff going, especially Lincecum, striking out 13 in 7 innings with a moving fastball, solid hammer, and ridiculous changeup. The Giants fans were going mental, all thoughts of Barry Bonds gone as they rocked along on a summer night with Tiny Tim and his elbows and knees motion. It didn't matter that the Giants are an incompetent franchise running out a 41 year old shortstop,  Rich Aurilia in the cleanup spot some nights, and starting a guy at third who got released by the freaking Pirates. They have Tim Lincecum, and he is phenomenal, and Saturday night I doubt they would have traded places with any other fans in baseball.

Fans love "their guys," the guys who came up through the system, the guys they have watched develop, struggle, and break through. It may be an illusion that these guys belong to us more, but it a necessary tonic to the grim reality that we are all ultimately cheering for laundry. I have two Tigers t-shirts - Granderson and Verlander. I could have bought a Miguel Cabrera one outside Safeco last month, but he's not one of "my guys." Not yet. I bought Verlander instead, remembering how excited I was he fell to Detroit in the 2005 draft, then marvelling through his poised rookie season thal lasted all the way to the World Series, and that unforgettable no-hitter last spring, the first Tigers no-no I'd ever seen. We go back a ways.

As long as I have been a Leafs fan, there have been precious few of those guys, and fewer still I followed from draft pick to rookie to star - Potvin, Kaberle, who else really? Antro? This year, no matter what the results on the ice, I will be fascinated watching the progress of Tlusty, Stralman, Kulemin, Pogge, Steen, Stajan, Schenn, hopeful that the Leafs have started to ice a team not built on veteran mercenaries who didn't really want to be here, or who you could never totally embrace (hello, Shayne Corson) but on a group of young guys who will grow together, jell together, thrill us as we see them take next steps, figure out defences, back each other up in a war against Philly or come together to surprise Detroit or Pittsburgh, to learn to hate Montreal and Ottawa as much as we do. A team that belongs to us. Whatever Howard says, I think it will be a hell of a ride.  

And it sure beats the hell out of cheering for O'Neill, Lindros and Allison, no matter what the jerseys look like.


Kim Jorn said:

The Solution = my new blog:

eyebleaf said:

great post, as always, gentlemen.

and you're damned right, there sure is a lot to look forward to. i'm crazy stoked about kulemin.

bkblades said:

Forget about Kulemin. It's all about Stefanovich, the 4th round bust! Woo!

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