Guys, You Should Cut the Toronto Sports Media Some Slack

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If you're here, you're probably looking for something to distract you from the 60 minute Undertaker vs Iron Mike Sharpe battle that is Hockey Night in Canada. The second period just ended - after absorbing a ton of punishment Iron Mike got in a drop kick, but then was immediately clotheslined and chokeslammed.

So, let's do something else. Which of the following is a real quote?

a) "A lot of people just start fookin' running their mouths whenever someone sticks a tape recorder in front of their fookin' gob. They should know when to keep their opinions to themselves." - Liam Gallagher

b) "I respected Jean Chretien and thought he was a great PM. I could never understand a word he said, though."
-Stephane Dion

c) "The concert was enjoyable, but I could have done without the constant chants to "Give up the funk" or that they "Gotta have some funk." Many people are just not interested in "Turning that mother out."
-George Clinton

d)"Toronto rooters pouring onto Jefferson Avenue in unfettered euphoria, oblivious to the rather lame taunts of "42 years!... 42 years!" from the losing patrons on this night." - Howard Berger

e)"I want everyone to be respectful. And let's make sure we are, because that's the way politics is done in America. I have to tell you, [Barack Obama] is a decent person, a person that you do not have to be scared [of] as president of the United States." - John McCain

f) "Hey ref, have another donut!" - Kyle Wellwood


D²an D¹aoust said:

Strange observation, but bringing Paul Morris back makes so much sense for this season. In these still to be determined but most likely bleak times, the Leafs need someone who sounds like he's reading 'Waiting for Godot' rather than Andy Frost's vocal stylings which are more suited to introducing Foghat or Meatloaf. When there isn't much to be enthused about, there's no point in having someone prone to be overenthusiastic. It's late to bitch, but I was sad when I heard that Paul Morris wasn't moving with the Leafs from the Gardens to the ACC.

Oh and I'll say d and 'thank god WCB' has helped me to the see light!!!! Though surely even George Clinton must want a few days off from the funk. Wouldn't 365 days of funkitude be difficult to sustain? Does any person actually have that much of a surplus of funk that they can ride the wave of funk every day of the year?

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