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Damien Cox yesterday:

Yet interim/non-interim Cliff Fletcher is the one deciding that Luke Schenn must start in the NHL this season, again ignoring all the history of this team and the obvious reality that life for an 18-year-old NHL defenceman in Toronto is enormously different than for the same player in St. Louis, Atlanta and Los Angeles. It's nice that Alex Pietrangelo, Zach Bogosian and Drew Doughty get to start in the NHL this fall, but that has no bearing on the Leafs and Schenn, or should have no bearing. Nobody will even notice what those kids are doing right or wrong in those towns, while Schenn is going to find out what life is like under the microscope. Sure Scott Stevens broke in successfully as an 18-year-old blueliner in Washington a lifetime ago, but c'mon, nobody was even watching those Caps back then. Stevens could've shot the puck into his own net every night and it wouldn't have been even a note anywhere else.

Damien Cox on October 22, 2007:

So the next time you hear a Leaf player talk about how tough it is to play hockey in a city like Toronto, remember how Boston's baseball and football clubs deal with it and recognize such baloney for what it is.

Don't be so hard on yourself Damien.


eyebleaf said:

I'm emailing this post to Damien.

PPP said:

Damien is like a goldfish. Every morning he probably has to watch a tape about the Leafs just to remind himself about who he hates. Too bad the tape doesn't remind him of what he's written in the past so that he can stop embarrassing himself.

Seriously, what a dumbass. I don't care if he reads that. He is the John McCain of sports writing. He'll tell a blatant lie in the hopes that we're all too stunned to check up on his lies.

Kim Jorn said:

Too funny PPP. I was thinking of a way to work McCain into that post, but I decided to let Damien's words speak for themselves.

Varry Galk said:

You guys are on a roll lately. Great catch, as always.

daoust said:

GOLD. this simple now-and-then comparison embodies everything that is wrong with damien cox and the rest of the mouthbreathers.

you know, if you want to argue that it is or isn't harder for a hockey player to play in toronto than elsewhere, you can probably make a good case either way. but you can't fucking argue both sides just to take the piss out of the leafs.

what a fucking douche.

D²an D¹aoust said:

Ha ha. Cox is a genius. In addition to this fine source of hypocrisy, please, check out his Thursday Mail bag and his first sentence in response to Jamal Mayers as captain is hilarious.

"Mayers comes to Toronto with a strong reputation as a leader and a person."

Is this a first? Do people need to have the reputaion of being, um, human? Is there some alien/clone conspiracy nestled deep within the ranks of the NHL that Damien is just waiting to pounce on? Has he been sniffing too much shoe polish while watching reruns of the tv show 'V'? Wait a second, is Cox actually a pod person? In a way, you can only understand the importance of actually being a person if you are in fact not a person.

Ha ha. The Viscount of Vagueness, Damien Cox.

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