Happy War! X-Mas is Over!

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It is that time of year again, when the NHL trade freeze comes to an end and visions of Carter and a first for Kaberle begin dancing in our heads. Of course, like the petulant brat on Christmas morning who kicks and screams because he got the wrong Transformer or Pokemon or Atari game or whatever it is that kids are into these days, Leafs fans are setting themselves up for disappointment if they expect their under-performing trade-bait to land them anything as attractive as last year`s proposed package from Philly in their deadline day stocking.

Speaking of disappointment, the joy of watching the World Juniors this year has been tempered somewhat by the fact that John Tavares will inevitably be pulling the Fishsticks over his head on draft day. However, this disappointment has been tempered somewhat by the fact that unless the Isles give Tavares a 35 year $200 billion dollar contract, there always remains the possibility that they will trade Tavares to the Leafs for Jason Blake, Matt Stajan and a few pics from Jiri NSFW's personal stash. It may sound far-fetched, but that would be one of the Isles better trades in the last decade. 

Knowing that I wouldn't be getting Tavares as a late Christmas present didn't ruin my holiday season. I spent a good chunk of my holiday in the lovely Chemical Valley, seeing all the wonderful sites and smelling all the not-so-wonderful smells that Sarnia has to offer. Sarnia is a bit of an underrated hockey hotbed, the birthplace of Dino Ciccarelli, Dominic Moore and Boston Bruin`s great Kraig Nienhuis. My lady friend, Eve Styzerman, grew up in the house where Tony McKegney lived as a child, and that is where we spent our Christmas. Just inside the side door is a tiny bathroom with a low-set sink where Tony and his brothers would wash up after spending a long day on the backyard rink, and in the basement there is still a drawing of the Blackhawks logo on one of the walls by young Mr. McKegney. The place is like a museum.

I am happy to report that not all of the hockey exports from Sarnia were a total bust this year. After months of searching, I was finally able to locate the perfect Christmas gift for Godd Till at the local Value Village: a homemade iron-on Wendel Clark t-shirt. Here is Mr. Till modeling his favourite Christmas present ever:

Wendel Shirt.JPGNote: The fact that the shirt is as unironic as possible saves Till from looking like a total hipster zomboid with his tight white-tee and carefully placed Molson Stock Ale.

Not to be outdone, I also received a fantastic piece of fashionable Leafs attire from Eve Styzerman`s father:

Warriner Front.JPGRecognize that signature? Yes, that is a signed Todd Warriner Leafs jersey:

Warriner Back.JPGI would like to belatedly throw my hat in the ring for Down Goes Brown's most obscure Leafs jersey contest. Signed jerseys must be worth something extra, especially now that the autograph is from my favourite player acquired in the Wendel Clark to Quebec deal.

Mr. Styzerman found this shirt for me at the same Value Village where I tracked down Mr. Till's one-of-a-kind Christmas treat. Trust me, bypass the Leafs store and those overpriced shops on Yonge Street and head straight the Sarnia Value Village. You'll have to sort through dozens of ugly red shirts with white wings on the front before you find any treasures, but it will be well worth it.    


Molson Stock Ale? They still make that stuff? My roommate in first year used to drink it as he was going through a nautical phase (don't ask) and was way too into all things ship and ship related (1990 is hazy for me, maybe his beer selection had something to do with a deep love for Taylor Dane's chest). Anyways, I don't know that I've seen Molson Stock ale since.

The Warriner Jersey is sweet. Anyone else remember when he lit it up in that bizarre HNIC three on three tourney? Good old' Team Joseph: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/hnic/pickup/roster.shtml

An interesting side note about Warriner - He is still having an impact on the Leafs, by playing alongside Jerome Flaake for the Cologne Sharks of the DEL. Also on that team is Mike Johnson and Dave McIlwain... No wonder the Sharks are bottom feeders.

Wohn Jensink said:

speaking of fabulous sportswear:

Happy New Year!

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