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We're reeling from the news today that the Unblinking Watchdog of Canadian Sports Media, William Houston, will be leaving his position at the Globe and Mail effective February 1. Glove tap to friend of the site Howard Berger for breaking the story:

HOUSTON, WE HAVE A BUY-OUT: Long-time readers of the Globe & Mail might be disappointed to learn that veteran reporter/columnist William Houston will leave the paper, effective Feb. 1. Houston's popular column - Truth & Rumours - has been a staple for more than 15 years, critiquing electronic media across Canada; particularly in the Toronto market. Bill's opinions often angered his subjects [I've been on the wrong end of one or two of them], but they were usually honest and fair.

One of Houston's colleagues once gave us shit for what he thought was an off-colour remark about Houston, but honestly we have nothing but respect for him. As Berger points out, Houston was always honest and fair, a total class act all the way, which must have been difficult considering his beat. We've only been doing this for less than two years, and it gets difficult after a while to keep criticizing the same people for the same shit over and over again without resorting to cheap gags and lame nicknames. Houston did it for 15 years and he kept it interesting, objective, and readable.

Houston was also a Leafs beat writer during the franchise's darkest hours. Harold Ballard hated him, so he was obviously doing something right his entire career.

His columns blended media criticism, some solid reporting, and a bit of Canadian cultural esoterica. For example, where the hell are we going to get our CFL ratings breakdowns now?

For someone who loves the idiosyncracies (dare I say - foibles?) of the Canadian cultural landscape, there was a weird joy in reading something like this:

Calgary-Saskatchewan: 225,000

Reduced long weekend audience for TSN's Friday night game.

Happy trails, Bill. You'll be missed, by your two obnoxious, profane grandchildren anyway.

Kim and Godd


Bob Oxley said:

I sent Mr. Houston a message after reading his column in this morning's Globe.

I got an automated reply saying William Houston
is no longer employed by the G&M. That was it.
No forwarding address, nothing. Talk about lack of class!

Would someone use this fourm to let us know how Mr. Houston might be ''messaged''?

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