Bonne Jornee

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Most people dread Friday the 13, especially teenagers indulging in illicit drug use and premarital sex in idyllic lakefront settings. Myself, I cherish it. For it's a chance to celebrate the life and work of my first mate on this pleasure cruise we call the Cox Bloc - Admiral Kim Jorn.

It's amazing to see how much Kim shares with his birthday mates. Like Henry Rollins, he used to be punk until he started doing Gap commercials. Like Peter Hook, he loves maudlin 80s synth-pop. Like Randy Moss, he is a humble team player. Like the city of Louisville, Kentucky, who had two streets demolished by a sewer explosion this day in 1981, he is plagued by gaseous eruptions down below. Solzenhytsin was exiled from Russia on this day, eventually to return. Kim experienced an exile that make's Andy S.'s look like being locked out of your apartment for an hour, from Peterborough to Vancouver, and is back going to Mr Bob's Pizza and larging it at Zeke's Thunder. Like Feist, Jorn is edgy and hip... for people who live in the Annex and crank it in their Volvo going through the drive-through at Starbucks.

Like Mats Sundin.... no, even I have limits.

So Blocheads, please join me in sending birthday wishes to a true friend, clutch third baseman, lover of fine cinema, and the best blogging partner I could ask for - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!

I even brought a cake!


Note: Kim is not 42. I'm sure you can figure that one out....


Sats Mundin said:

Bonne anniversaire!

Dick RiPietro said:

I would also like to say a happy B-Day to one of the only leafs fans that I can stand to be around for any length of time..

Godd, We will miss you tonight at the celebration, but we will do our best to make sure he wakes up in a pool of his own vomit.

Rill Boot said:

Happy Birthday!

Mamie Jacoun (aka Jaredoflondon) said:

Happy Birthday dude

Manny Darkov said:

Happy b-day, Jorn. In some countries, 13 is a very lucky number.

Unfortunately, you live in a nation that skips from floor 12 to 14 in any apartment or high-rise. And if you live on the 14th floor, who are you kidding, really?

loser domi said:

Happy Birthday Kim! I can only hope my own birthday would involve the same amount of crunkness

Kim Jorn said:

Thanks everyone. Not only does my b-day fall on a Friday this year, I was also born on a Friday the 13th. Probably why I'm a Leafs fan.

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