The Perfect Weapon (well, not Jeff Speakman)

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After the Ottawa Senators tanked the 1992-93 season, making a mockery of the league, regulations were put in place to prevent teams from tanking in the future. Today, we see that those efforts have been futile. The St. Louis Blues, perhaps frustrated at occupying dead last in the West but still behind four hapless Eastern teams in the Tavares lineup, have gone nuclear:

ST. LOUIS BLUES-Recalled D Steve Wagner and D Andy Wozniewski from Peoria (AHL).


We're through the looking glass here, people.


Kim Jorn said:

How did you manage to find the only photo in existence of Woz on the ice during a goal for, not against?

Sats Mundin said:

Dear God. Cover the childrens' eyes.

Tybalt said:

Need I point out that the Senators weren't even the worst team in the league that year? The Sharks, in a much weaker Campbell conference, were even more appalling than the Sens.

Godd Till said:

Wow. I headed over to Hockey Ref to check out that Sharks team: Dave Snuggerud, Rob Gaudreau, Doug Zmolek, Mark Pederson - names I had forgotten since whooping up on them in NHL 94. They used four goalies, and three of them had been or would be quite useful - Hayward, Irbe, Hackett. But playing behind that defence...

And hey, Brian Lawton, someone from my last post, was on that team. I had no idea he'd hung on that long. Rob Gaudreau scored 14 goals in one month that year!

And Kim: "Are you shitting me?"

mf37 said:

This is getting ugly. If it continues down this destructive path JFJ will have an interim GM job in one of Tampa, Atlanta, Ottawa, or the Island within the next three weeks.

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