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I admit defeat. I have sent Godd a fifty dollar bill.

Dick Ripietro said:

Hey Guys,

What's up with the new design..Everything is all cut off and stupid looking...Boo-Urns

Kim Jorn said:


Your computer is obviously broken. I suggest you get it to the shop right away and spare no expense in getting it fixed.

Your Pal,

Kim Jorn

The only thing I can find by Matthew Barry is a post about Dean Lombardi.

Nothing about the Leafs or Tavares, link?

However I am in favour of the NHL's new rig stuff to help the Leafs policy. Too bad it wasn't in place in game six against Barry's own LA Kings in '93

X said:

I see it all cut off at the right too... Am using firefox, mebe it's a browser incompatibility thing?

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