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"No form of indignity is powerful enough to dissuade you from the uncontrollable love of your Blue & White. You bitch... and moan... and go insane over the always-accurate appraisals of the team in the media."
- Howard Berger, October 30, 2008, Most Valuable Losers Once Again

If any of you are still stopping by here every once in a while, you will have noticed that the site has been slowly withering away. We haven't posted since May 8. Between the two of us, we have only managed 30 posts in the first 172 days of 2009. This, friends, is how the Cox Bloc ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.

This wasn't how it was supposed to end. Last year at this time, when we were posting regularly and a few thousand people a day were stopping by to visit, we felt vindicated. Well, we never actually thought that more than a handful of people would be interested in our brand of unhinged media criticism, but it felt like we tapped into something. It turns out that we weren't the only ones offended by the quality of the local media coverage. Leafs fans - along with those of the Blue Jays and TFC, which we covered to a lesser extent on this site - are far from the mindless drones portrayed in the writings of Howard Berger and friends.

Turns out that the local sports fans are more than capable of analyzing and intelligently deconstructing the performance, history and future prospects of the teams they love. And, as proven time and time again, they are just as capable of seeing through the media bullshit like the quote above from Howard Berger. It has been a fun couple of years, refuting MSM nonsense with a steady stream of jokes, wrestling clips, Replacements songs, and, every once in a while, attempts at actual analysis. Still, two years later, we've lost our smile.

There are a few reasons for our decreased productivity over the past few months: family commitments, rapidly increasing workloads, health issues and digital cable. However, there is one overarching reason: We kinda don't care anymore. While we'd like to take responsibility for the higher quality of Steve Simmons' recent output, we know deep down that it has nothing to do with us. Highlighting the inaccuracies and logical inconsistencies of the local media has been cathartic, but the reality is, we`re not changing the way any of the columnists, bloggers and broadcasters that we`ve set our sights on really think. Not that we ever set out to change opinions, but after a while we realized that our talents, limited as they are, might be wasted on nitpicking every second sentence that Damien Cox and Howard Berger write.

We don`t read these guys anymore. Life is short, so why do we want to spend an incredible amount of time reading stuff that makes our heads explode, and then penning thousands of words in rebuttal? We've often wondered aloud how the same media market that publishes Stephen Brunt and Jeff Blair can be responsible for employing Howard Berger and Richard Griffin. Now, we realize, it doesn't matter.

In the last couple of years, dozens of excellent Leafs, Jays, and TFC blogs have sprouted up around the internet, quickly making traditional media irrelevant for us. There is no point complaining about the lack of originality, insight and balance in the mainstream media when a perfect alternative exists already.  Why visit the or Eklund's Magical World of Make-Believe for insight when we can visit Pension Plan Puppets or From The Rink for up-to-date news and analysis. To be honest, we haven't read a word written by Howard Berger in months.

Thanks to everyone who supported us along the way, those who linked to us and those who came by daily to agree and argue with whatever caught our fancy that particular day. A special thanks to everyone in the Barilkosphere and all the regulars who joined us in our little game of reversing the initials of first and last names, coming up with works of genius like Pike Malmateer, Varry Galk, and Dick RiPietro, and absurdist greatness such as Bllan Aester (Still, we'll always wonder how no one picked Kill Bitchen). The fact that so many of you read, pointed out when we were idiots, and posted funnier jokes than we could have come up with was the single best thing about writing Cox Bloc. That, or the time Howard Berger egged our house. (Editor's note: this did not actually happen)

This isn`t goodbye forever. We're currently working with another blogger on a new site which will go up shortly. We're hoping to be less reactive, and practice what we preach by providing what we think is missing from mainstream sports coverage. We really hope that you will join us over there once it launches.

We'll leave the archives online in case anyone ever wants to find out what a couple of paranoid and angry yahoos from Peterborough were thinking from 2007 to 2009. If you've just stumbled across this site: you`re late, but feel free to browse around. We've compiled a list of our five favourite posts for anyone who feels like remembering why the hell they're on this site in the first place.


It's hardly Smith, Johnstone, Reilly, Turnbull and Ormond, but here are our five favourite Cox Bloc posts.

5. Notes From Siberia - This post, in which Jorn digs up a throwaway line in a column not about sports just to fire off a salvo of bile at  Edmonton's version of Linwood Barclay, perfectly captures the spirit of unhinged venom with which we started Cox Bloc. Bless.

4. See You Later Suckers! - Remember that time we pretended to be Habs fans? No amount of showers have made us feel clean again.

3. Exile on Main Street (And Pember, And Cambie, And Hastings...) - We started this blog soon after we had both moved to Vancouver. We were shocked to discover that the city was filled with Sens fans, except they called themselves Canucks fans and suffered from a crippling inferiority complex that put our friends in Ottawa to shame. This was Till's attempt to set the record straight. This post also beautifully illustrates the Cox Bloc Paradox: in demonstrating that there is no Leafs-Canucks rivalry, we bash the city and team a bunch of times and thus contribute to this non-existent rivalry. Great success!

2. Join the Conversation - We are probably going straight to hell for this one. It was worth it. Fortunately, we've been reading Blatch for years, so we have a pretty decent idea of what hell is going to be like.

1. Limo Driver on the Street - Pissed off a ton of Habs fans. Popularized the sobriquet "Working Class Howard", which along with Mittenstringer, OLAS and Jiri NSFW, are our main contributions to Barilkosphere vernacular. Generated a ton of comments. Spawned an incredible piece by HOF Blochead Varry Galk. If Cox Bloc was Appetite, this was "Rocket Queen".

Thanks Everyone.

Kim and Godd.


Hey thanks for noting my absurd nickname!

If you guys were leaving blogging forever I'd be much more disappointed. Instead, I am going to re-read the top five and laugh my ass off again.

Man, remember that Stoeten dummy? Reliving that was awesome.

Leafer1984 said:

Thank you guys, you guys introduced me to the Barilkosphere!
You will be missed, thanks again!

Manny Darkov (at behest of Varry Galk to change names) said:

Thanks for the ride, good sirs. This was a regular read for me and I felt special when I stumbled on this site a few years back. Foolishly, I thought I was the only one who "discovered" such erudite and timely critiques of the so-called accessible and grand Toronto sports media and wanted to keep it a secret from everybody, in case the content on this site would change. Fortunately, the snark maintained, while more and more people visited. And rightly so.

In any case, I do happen to believe that sites like this (remember when Jeff Blair referenced you guys in his *irony alert* blog? Good times) has pushed the traditional media to change and *gasp*, finally evolve. Don't sell yourselves short, despite the Peterborough roots. ;)

I hope to see more of your work, even in different forums and totally unrelated topics, in the future. Cheers.

HOF Blochead Varry Galk said:

Thanks for everything, Kim and Godd. Make sure you post your new online venture here so we know where to find you.

Sorry to see you go guys. Your writing was enjoyable and extremely timely.

But as you said everyone evolves. I think that as Leafs fans we have to move beyond taking offense to the mutterings of the mittenstringeers and accept the fact that we as a group are going to be hated no mater what.

Therefore let us resolve as fans to become what all the "haters" say we are: arrogant, obnoxious, "not hockey fans but leafs fans" etc.

With Brian Burke as our new overlord this is more than achievable.

So long Cox Bloc - you guys are welcome to guest at my slowly withering blog at any time you like.

Looking forward to the new digs!

Thank you for all the work. I figure alot of the stares I get at the office is due to the failed attempts at stifling laughs they heard when I was reading your posts.

Looking forward to your new blogging home.

"Dead child expected to recover" still makes me laugh every time I read it.

Can't wait for the new blog.

Sats Mundin said:

You both are true rudeys. Thank you for the laughs. Cheers.

Remember that one time you guys wrote about that one thing...? Ah, good times! Sorry, I find it hard to pick a favorite, they're all funny.

I finally got around to coming up with a Cox Blocian name and you guys fold up shop...

Bike Mossy said:

Cheers, guys. I came to you via PPP and returned because your stuff somehow made me give a damn about a team and market I don't really give a damn about.

(Oh, and you affirmed the bright side of my Isles not being saturated with idiotic coverage. Small solace.)

Best of luck,

-Dominik of Islanders fandom

Wohn Jensink said:

"A Winner Never Quits, and a Quitter Never Wins" - Don Cherry(tm)

Thanks for the Meme Ories and I look forward to THE NEXT GENERATION.

Mabel said:

Bless you boys. You did excellent work and kept me from losing my mind. You were my intro to the Barilkosphere, and lead me to many other wonderful places where I could hear about the Leafs and not be insulted. I'll always cherish that. Thanks.

Dick RiPietro said:

Hey guys look...a few posts above me...another Isles fan. I knew I was not alone.

Godd Till said:

Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for the kind words. You guys rule. Hope you'll join us at the new site for more INTERNET HEROISM

Lunny Baroque said:

Good luck to you both in the future. You've left behind a fantastic archive of well-reasoned smackdowns. I look forward to your next online venture.

lb71 said:

Say it ain't so. When I first found this site, I spent hours reading your archives. Lots of laughs and great work. Thanks and good luck.

ymitri duskeivich aka kidkawartha said:

Well, it was fun while it lasted. It was even more fun with the undercurrent of hatred that so many people have for Peterborough being submerged to come here and read posts. Everyone knows that if Toronto is the center of the hockey universe, then Peterborough is the site of hockey Valhalla.....

garth the hoser said:

Your all-time favorite entry was cracking back on some nobody in Edmonton with the "pot calling the kettle black" line?

Say goodnight, deluded Leafs fan!

Kim Jorn said:

Hmmm Garth...I thought it was pretty clear that we were mocking ourselves, but since you seem to have trouble counting from 1 to 5 I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you missed the point there.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you stick around.

Kent w. said:

Sad to see this blog go. Good times were had.

Looking forward to the next iteration, however.

Godd Till said:

Party on, Garth.

I go away for a week fishing and THIS happens?

Dammit! Dammit, dammit, dammit!

Thanks for the laughs guys, and as for your next project: "I am interested in your newsletter and would like to subscribe."

Geoff S. said:

No one with Nernie Bicholls? We (meaning my father, his friends and I) played that game during marathons of NHL '94 on Sega.

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